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Residential One Day Flooring

For over 20 years the factory trained professionals at R&R Coatings, Inc. have mastered all things “Resin”. We realize that any ordinary space can be extraordinary. As such we are pleased to offer a one day flake floor system to all of our customers. We know our customers have busy schedules and lives and cannot afford for their space to be out of commission for long periods of time.  We are proud to offer a rapid setting alternative Polyurea/Polyaspartic solution. We have partnered with leading manufacturers in the industry to offer a variety of solutions to your coating needs.

Some of the reasons to choose a R&R Coatings, Inc Polyurea/Polyaspartic Flake Flooring system?

  • One Day Turnaround-most floors can be installed and returned to service in 24 hours
  • Chemical Resistance-withstands salts, fuel, engine lubricants, and much more
  • Non-Slip-We offer a variety of textures to fit the application
  • UV Stable- The suns harmful rays can wreak havoc on traditional epoxy coatings. Our flooring will not amber or fade like traditional epoxy coatings
  • Versatility- Our coatings can be installed in a variety of weather conditions allowing for flexibility when scheduling
  • Low Maintenance- Polyaspartic floors are easy to clean
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial- Does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus

Our coatings work great in Garages, Workshops, Sidewalks, Basements, Patios, and many other places!

Did we also mention most projects can be scheduled within a couple weeks. We have one of the largest readily available crews standing by ready to install on short notice! We understand that some projects cannot wait weeks or months to get completed.

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