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Our broad spectrum of industrial and commercial painting services affords you the cost efficiency and convenience of completing your project using R&R Coatings, Inc as your single source service provider instead of having to secure additional sources. 

Concrete polishing is quickly becoming the floor of the future. Polished concrete is a beautiful, cost effective, and durable flooring solution.

Resinous floors are created by the combination of two or more chemical ingredients applied to a concrete surface that harden or “cure”. The result is a flooring system that is durable, chemically resistant, easy to clean, anti-slip and anti-dusting.

R&R Coatings is a proven winner when it comes to Industrial Services. We have successfully tackled some of the toughest industrial jobs out there.

For over 20 years the factory trained professionals at R&R Coatings, Inc. have mastered all things “Resin”. We realize that any ordinary space can be extraordinary. As such we are pleased to offer a one day flake floor system to all of our customers. 

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